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"You can't hurt me" (Original)

"You can't hurt me" (Original)

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Being honest about how we feel at this current moment is equivalent to feeling free. We have no walls up, no excuses for our behavior, no white lies - just pure emotion. It's us. We feel this and it's black and white. When someone tries to make us feel insignificant because of how we feel or that we are "overreacting", this is them feeling threatened by our courage to be real. We must remember that at times like this it's an opportunity to be weak because it makes us strong. Our emotions and feelings have a purpose in our life. Instead of running from them, we must embrace them, learn from them, and voice them as we see fit. Silence isn't an option. It will eat us inside slowly. 


Dimensions: 3 x 4 ft

Materials: Acrylic spray paint, paint marker, and archival ink pen on gallery wrapped canvas

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