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Salina Mendoza Art

“Uncovering the path” Pizza Paddle

“Uncovering the path” Pizza Paddle

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Acrylic spray paint, acrylic paint marker, archival ink pen on wood pizza paddle
Made for @thepizzapress_belmont group art show


When we decide to take our dreams seriously, we start to see the possibilities. We want to make things happen quickly because there’s no time to wait! When this happens, we often take a bite larger than we can chew. We are eager and we are ready until we become overwhelmed because of our choices. It’s OK to take a step back and reevaluate our strategy. We may have the vision but it takes some time to unveil the path we want to blaze. Each time we break down our big vision into smaller achievable steps we inch closer to our ultimate goal. While we may be moving slower, in the grand scheme of things, we are moving faster than we’ve ever moved before.


Acrylic spray paint, acrylic paint markers, archival ink pens on Shizen paper


8 x 10 inches

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