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Salina Mendoza Art

"Trending" (Original)

"Trending" (Original)

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Acrylic spray paint, acrylic paint, and archival ink on canvas

[16 x 20 in]



Growing a startup is complicated. First (or ideally first), you'd start with a problem and solve it. Often times, startups do not start off this way or maybe they do but solve a minuscule problem - something that won't scale past a certain threshold. It's complicated because it's supposed to be problem ->> solution 🤔 that's not how it works?!? Nope. Life isn't fair and startup life is far from fair. You try and you fail. You succeed and you scale. Sometimes it's okay to follow what's trending to find your place in the market. Other times, its best to acknowledge the trends but stick to your guns. The only way to know what works is to find out yourself. Get in the trenches, send that ballzy email, cold call an industry expert, and make your own opportunities! 🤘


Acrylic spray paint, acrylic paint markers, archival ink pens on Shizen paper


8 x 10 inches

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