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Salina Mendoza Art

“Transitions” (Original)

“Transitions” (Original)

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Acrylic spray paint + paint marker on skate deck 

Oct 2019 


In life, we experience what we need to when we need it. We experience joy, happiness, love, anger, sadness, frustration, and calmness in every cycle. When things don’t work out - it’s because there was a lesson we needed out of that experience. In order to transition into where we want to be, we ultimately need to be ready for the opportunity. We may think we’re ready but when we get shoved off our path we thought was so clear - there’s a reason. Taking our time to enjoy our journey as we transition in and out of the necessary phases of life is the true key to our internal happiness. We must be ready, optimistic, and open-minded about where we go, who we go with, and what we’re doing along the way. We’ll miss the micro-moments that make it all worth it if we don’t.


Acrylic spray paint, acrylic paint markers, archival ink pens on Shizen paper


8 x 10 inches

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