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Salina Mendoza Art



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Starting something new or somewhere new can be anxiety inducing. We may tell ourselves we’re “lucky” to be here. We may think we know nothing and question every move we make. “Is this good enough?” “Maybe I’m not good at this after all…” “Am I adapting fast enough?” We can have full conversations with ourselves full of self-limiting doubts about ourselves & our efforts. But in one moment of “wow - you’re doing so great!” we could snap back to reality and see what’s others see too. We may overthink to a point where we lose our confidence only to be reminded why we started this new opportunity. It’s helpful to understand these internal convos and also to understand we don’t have to listen to them. Our biggest hater could be ourselves and we may not be conscious of it. It’s time to set aside our self-limiting beliefs and believe in ourselves fully. That’s true self-love.


Acrylic spray paint and acrylic paint markers on canvas


8 x 8 inches

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