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"Leveling up" (Original)

"Leveling up" (Original)

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Acrylic spray paint + marker, archival ink on Shizen paper

[18 x 24 in]

April 2018


As we grow, we discover our passions and our truth. When we're a child, we discover through touching things, putting stuff in our mouths, listening to sounds, and watching the world around us. Into adulthood, we start to understand who "we" are and where "we" fit in. We take on new hobbies and adventures. We fail and we succeed. We get bored and excited. It starts with ideas and "could be's" then we experiment. We start to do one thing and leads to another. We find what is for us "right now" and start to invest our time, energy, and focus on it. Maybe we discover something else along the way. That something else becomes our "something" to pursue right now. Everything will change over time. Understanding that this discovery process is key to finding our truth. We're here for a reason. Once we find out what that is, we start to feel less friction internally and externally in our pursuit. We all live for this moment. The "finally" moment where life starts to all make sense.