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Salina Mendoza Art

"Going with the flow" (Original)

"Going with the flow" (Original)

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It's difficult to go with the flow when we know we want something and confident in our ability to get it. We become impatient and less careful. We push further than we planned because we know this is right. We sometimes get hurt in the process and end up hurting other people along the way. All for what? To prove we were right? To get what we want now? Why do we need to do this? Is there something inside of us that fills a void when we do this? Or do we simply act and think later? We fail to realize when we force things that we miss out on the journey to get there. We finally get what we want and then we feel empty. We look back and see the path we blazed to get here. Sometimes we're able to fix and heal the broken, burnt pieces. We can rebuild. Other times, we hurt ourselves too much in the process unknowingly to take the extra steps to heal those around us. What we focus on positively with patience, grows like a flower. When we focus too much on the outcome coming faster, we start to see the things around us wilt in our presence. Feeling the flow and freely adapting along the way will help us focus on the right things so we can bloom with those around us. 


Dimensions: 3 x 4 ft

Materials: Acrylic spray paint, paint marker, and archival ink pen on gallery wrapped canvas

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Acrylic spray paint, acrylic paint markers, archival ink pens on Shizen paper


8 x 10 inches

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