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Salina Mendoza Art

"Conforming beyond my expectations" (Original)

"Conforming beyond my expectations" (Original)

Acrylic spray paint + paint markers + archival ink pens on Shizen paper

[8 x 10 in]


No one can tells us truly what to do. We are our own person. We may not have all the answers but no one can control us. What we do not realize sometimes is that we need to allow other people to tell us what they think we should do. We need to allow people to give us constructive feedback. We need to allow people to influence in ways that will make us better. Sometimes we're so defensive about who we are that we block anyone from giving us criticism that may influence us to become better, strong, faster, or efficient. We need each other not to control one another but to guide each other to places that we cannot see for ourselves.


Acrylic spray paint, acrylic paint markers, archival ink pens on Shizen paper


8 x 10 inches

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