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"Compromise" (Original)

"Compromise" (Original)

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Acrylic spray paint + marker, archival ink on canvas

[8 x 24 in]

April 2018


We compromise in every relationship we have in life. One of the pitfalls of compromise is when one party fails to comply on their end. Then, we're faced with a facet of emotions: anger, confusion, sadness, frustration, We think because we treat people a certain way that they would uphold the same respect for you. Alas, life doesn't always work out the way we planned. Or does it? What if this was the plan all along? What if this was your opportunity to gain perspective on the situation at hand? There is a reason for everything. When something doesn't go as planned, reflect about the scenario and note down takeaways to learn from. We are forever students of life. Never forget that.