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"Caught up" (Original)

"Caught up" (Original)

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Acrylic spray paint, acrylic ink, and archival ink on canvas

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[11 x 14 in]


It's interesting to learn about the way other humans work. I'm intrigued by those I do not understand at that moment. We all have certain ticks and triggers. I can't quite pinpoint the exact feeling someone feels but I can listen to them and seek out more information. I often find that when we are meeting someone new or getting to know someone that we omit some things out of fear that it would be too much or not the right time. It sucks when this creates a barrier or wedge between a relationship. Any and every part of us will respected by the right person. It takes courage to be who you are unapologetically. I am constantly learning what that courage looks like. It comes in many different forms.