"It was me all along"

Finding our happiness in life is about the journey.

Every year we celebrate our birthday is another year we grow closer to who we need to be in society.

We may be on one path this year and next year our paths may change.

The only way we grow into who we need to be is to allow ourselves to experience life without limits.

When opportunities present themselves, we consider them.

When we learn and grow, we start to understand what to say "no" to.

We start to understand what our purpose is.

We start to focus on how we can encompass our life around this purpose.

We reflect on our paths to get to this moment and realize that this was us all along.

It just took some time to get here.
This story is based on an original art piece by Salina Mendoza.

View Process: https://www.instagram.com/p/Btkcx4HDSJZ/

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