"Growth Spurts"

We all develop at our own pace.

Some are blessed with growth spurts early on and others do not see them until later stages of life.

How early we start to learn to speak, to walk, to drive, to care intimately about someone, to handle difficult situations - depends on how we were raised, who raised us, and the environment we were raised in.

We grow into our adult lives seeing how we want to be by seeing the examples around us.

We realize that our energy is affected by the energy that surrounds us.

We grow more when we are uncomfortable and where we've faced some adversity.

We see growth spurts when we choose to face difficult situations and learn how to deal with them instead of running away.

The next time we find ourselves wanting to run away we should run towards it.

Embrace what makes us uncomfortable and be present with our thoughts along the way.

Each time we get better at handling whatever comes our way because we aren't afraid to be vulnerable in any situation. 🤘
This story is based on an original art piece by Salina Mendoza.

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