"Breaking free"

It hurts when we love someone but know they aren't the healthiest influence in our lives.

When we decide to break free, we become conflicted.

We want to help them overcome this bump in the road but at the same time we need to protect our own mental health.

We can't forget we have feelings too and we aren't immune to hurting when letting this person go.

We don't want to let go but we do.

We love them and wish only the best.

We still hurt when they hurt but at some point we have to let go.

We let go so we can let someone else in that will be a healthy influence.

The influence we have always needed all along.

The person who will make us understand why nothing else worked out.

It could be a best friend, a lover, or a mentor.

We will find what we are looking for when we break free of the influences that aren't meant for us.

We deserve only the best. 


This story is based on an original art piece by Salina Mendoza.



View Process: https://www.instagram.com/p/BpTV4TYjSnu/

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