How to track your art inventory

Salina Mendoza (SAM) abstract geometric artist looking at her art pieces at 1888 Center

As artists, we can get caught up in creating and forget to keep tabs on when, where, and how each piece was created.

We then have to go back through our documentation (if we documented it) such as instagram posts, videos, texts, and threads to find the answers to these questions:
  • When was it made?
  • What are the dimensions?
  • What was it made of?
  • Is there a story?
  • Did you document the art process? If so, where is the link?
  • Is this piece showing right now or available? Maybe it's sold?
  • Where is the piece currently located?
  • What is the price of this piece?

Maybe we've been keeping track of all of this but not in a central location?

Maybe we've been documenting everything but need to catch up?

When we fail to document this information, we may lose track of it or even yet misplace it entirely and sacrifice key details about our artwork. 

Our best shot at preventing this is being proactive with our art organization process. 

This will help us maintain our website, know what inventory we have on hand at all times, and decrease the amount of time it takes to submit to shows. 


Here is a document that I have started to use for tracking my art:


See my demo of this document here: 


Want to copy my template?

Art Inventory Airtable Template by Salina Mendoza (SAM)

  1. Type in this link
  2. Click on the top middle dropdown menu right next to "Art Inventory"
  3. Select "Duplicate base"
  4. On next screen, turn off "duplicate records"
  5. Then click on "Duplicate base" on bottom right corner of screen



Tracking our artwork can be time-consuming but also time-saving as long as we make it a habit. As artists, we sometimes forget that being an artist includes not only creating art but selling, showing, and promoting the art. We need to make sure we're preparing ourselves for our future success. The first step is creating a process that we can commit to day in and day out. 


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