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"Too comfortable" art rug
"Too comfortable" art rug

"Too comfortable" art rug

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Dimensions: 5'3"x4'

  • 43Oz Made from 20% Plush, 70% Sponge, 10% Non-woven Fabric.
  • Stain resistant, easy to vacuum, and perfect for any room and decor.
  • Super soft and excellent hand feeling.
  • Photo collage full color printing.

This rug design is based on an original art piece "Too comfortable" by Salina Mendoza. 


It's no mystery what happens when we start to feel stagnant in our long-term relationships. We start to seek out what we are missing from our relationship. We get too comfortable that we start to drift apart while we're still together. We start to take advantage of our love because it's always there. We accept that this is it and sometimes we unconsciously seek out what we're missing. We forget to say goodmorning. We forget to send little tokens of appreciation throughout the day just because. We are stuck. Maybe we were young when we got together and now we're older, wiser but comfortable with what we have now. But is it what we truly want? Do we want to live our lives only knowing what we have when it's something that doesn't blow our mind anymore? When we forget to kiss each other goodbye, is there love still left? Will we lose our mind eventually? We can choose to stay or we can explore. Whatever we choose will become our future. Love is consistent, beautiful, caring, motivating, patient, and meant to bring out the best in us. If it's not that, it's not for us.