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"Stability through growth" (Original)

"Stability through growth" (Original)

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Acrylic spray paint + marker, archival ink on canvas with resin finish

[12 x 12 in]

May 2018


Life changes at the blink of an eye. If we fail to plan, we plan to fail. All these sayings speak to the everyday person. We can have everything we've ever wanted just to lose it all before we got to enjoy it. We can have nothing and find time to enjoy the simplest things in life. Fresh vegetables from the farmers market, new pair of socks, walking in the sun - the littlest things either mean a little or a lot to you. When we grow, we take risks and push past our comfort zone. It's "unstable" as one may see it. Others may say the latter is unstable - reliant upon the comfort of our surroundings and atmosphere. One thing we don't always recognize is the stability of investing in ourselves. No one will be us. We will be no one else. If we say we "can't" take risks, what we are really saying is "I'm not willing to figure it out".