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"Self-awareness" (Original)

"Self-awareness" (Original)

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Acrylic spray paint and tape on canvas with resin finish

[9 x 12 in]

October 2018


Being aware of who we are is tricky. We think we know who we are and what we represent. We start to grow older and realize what once was "us" isn't there anymore. We've changed but there are parts of us we discover through this change. We start to think about why we cared about wearing the nicest brand jeans, perfecting the perfect eyeliner wing, having the ideal "power couple" relationship, going to the club every weekend, and waking up at 5am every morning to have the perfect hair for the day. Maybe we were insecure during those times? Maybe we had low self-esteem? Didn't know any better? But now, we know better and we do better. It takes reflection to realize we had to go through this to get to where we are today. Everything has a purpose.