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“Inner strength” (Original)

“Inner strength” (Original)

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Acrylic spray paint + paint marker on canvas 

8 inches

Dec 2019


We are ignited inside when we’re inspired by our surroundings. If we surround ourselves with people who do not inspire us to strive for more, we start to become complacent. There is nothing wrong with being happy and content with where you are now but if we aren’t careful, we’ll limit our growth potential. We never know what we’re capable of if we do not try to get out of our comfort zone. We may wish we could live in that fancy house, drive that fancy car, live a fancy lifestyle, or wear fancy clothes. We don’t have to leave it up to wishes if we truly believed we deserve it. We are deserving of everything we think we deserve. The key is to think, believe, and act on our urge to achieve our dreams.